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Posted on: January 10, 2024

Will the Idaho Legislature Enact The Highest Tax Increase in the History of Idaho?

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Kootenai County, Idaho: I hope not! History: In 2023 the Idaho state legislature considered a bill that would allow illegal aliens to obtain an Idaho driver’s license. Special interest groups and lobbyist packed the room in support of the bill. The bill made it out of committee and onto the senate floor where it failed. The bill will likely be presented in the 2024 session. 

Sheriff Robert “Bob” Norris said that rewarding illegal aliens with a Driver’s License will only encourage more illegal migration into Idaho. If this bill ever passes into Idaho law, it will be the HIGHEST HIDDEN TAX INCREASE IN OUR STATE’S HISTORY. The Idaho taxpayer will be forced to pay the tab for more schools, jails, prisons, social services and medical facilities. In Idaho, county sheriffs issue driver’s licenses. The sheriff said “I, Sheriff Robert “Bob” Norris will NOT issue a driver’s license to any person who entered our country illegally. Period.”                 

To: Idaho Legislators, there are many areas that need your attention, do not waste your time on a bill the citizens of the Great State of Idaho do not want. Sheriff Robert “Bob” Norris, and the Idaho Sheriff’s Association, will be looking for support on legislation such as:

Including Fentanyl as a substance that can be charged as a trafficking offense.

Increasing/Adding mandatory minimum sentences to sex crimes against children, violent crimes, and repeat offenders.

The sheriff has been in discussions with legislators to stop burdening the property owners to pay for law enforcement services, they are the least user of them. He encourages action on a user tax and fees to equally distribute the burden.  

The sheriff has had previous press releases and public discussions on the above subjects in 2023. 

 Sheriff Robert B. Norris

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