Prescription Eyeglasses

Prescription eyeglasses will no longer be accepted into the facility.   Only inmates who arrive after being taken into custody with their prescription eyeglasses will be authorized to maintain possession of said prescription glasses.  This will only happen after a thorough inspection has been completed by Detention Deputy Staff.

 The procedure for inmates who request prescription glasses, but did not arrive with prescription glasses, is as follows: 

  • Anyone may drop off or mail a valid prescription order for Medical Staff to order the prescription glasses. 
  • If an inmate requests prescription eye glasses, a KITE request form must be submitted to Medical indicating their request. 
  • Only those inmates who have far or near vision of 20/40 acuity or greater in either eye as determined through screening by our medical contract provider (using a Snellen or Rosenbaum eye chart) or who have another debilitating pathology shall be authorized prescription eyeglasses.  
  • Medical Staff will order the prescription glasses through at the cost to the inmate requesting the prescription glasses.  Family/Friends are not able to order through this company.   
  • Only a standard frame from the vendor will be authorized for wear. 
  • If an inmate is indigent, glasses can still be purchased.  The inmate’s account balance will show the debited amount for the glasses including a negative balance if necessary.