Civil Process List and Requirements

Please send all required documents to:

Webpage Mailing

Advance payment of Sheriff’s fees CANNOT be added to current writs.  Please contact our office with questions regarding recovering costs incurred on previous writs against common defendants.

Civil/Criminal Process Service

$100.00 to serve EACH Subpoena, Notice, Rule or Order

$105.00 to serve EACH Summons/Complaint, Claim, Petition or Citation

Requirements - 

  • Sheriff’s Letter of Instruction for Civil/Criminal Process Service - You are required to provide the service address.  Any additional identifying information you are able to provide, (i.e. age, DOB, SSN, tatoos, etc.) may help to correctly identify the person(s) to be served.
  • A complete copy of the paperwork to be served
  • For Out Of State Protection Orders , we will only accept a faxed or emailed copy directly from the court of issuance.   Email (Preferred) to:       FAX: 208.446.2181
  • If the count will not fax or email the copy for you, you must provide a certified copy by mail or in person.
  • Please include a postage paid, self-addressed envelope to mail the return of service to you - It is your responsibility to file the Sheriff’s Return of Service with the court.

Bank Garnishment - $145.00/$152.00 plus $7.00 check for each bank

If the bank being served is located within Kootenai County, the fee is $145.00 for each bank, plus $7.00.  For all other banks, the fee is $152.00 for each bank, due to the Certified Mailing requirement, plus $7.00.  Each $7.00 check must be made out to the specific bank which must also be listed on the State of Idaho Department of Finance Website per Idaho Code 11-703.


Wage Garnishment - $152.00 for each defendant/employer.  

All Wage Garnishments are sent via certified mail to the employer, thus you need to provide the mailing address.  We also ask you to provide the local address, in case we need to contact someone locally regarding the garnishment.


Cash Demand - $145.00  

The writ is personally served by a Deputy.  The physical address and phone number of the defendant to be served is required.


Till Tap - $145.00 

The writ is personally served to the business by a Deputy.  The physical address of the business, the mailing address of the defendant and phone number of the defendant to be served is required.  **Please note:  If your judgment is only against the defendant personally, we can only serve the business owned by the defendant if it is a DBA- doing business as.  If the business is an LLC-Limited Liability Company or INC-Incorporated it is protected and cannot be served unless the business is included in your judgment.


  • Sheriff’s Letter of Instruction for Till Taps
  • Original Writ and two (2) copies.
  • One (1) copy of the judgment and all renewals, required by Judge’s Order.
  • Two (2) copies of the Notice of Garnishment & Interrogatories to Garnishee, with Page 1 completed.
  • Please provide one (1) copy of the Instruction to Debtors & 3rd Parties & Claim of Exemption containing our contact information,  Kootenai County Sheriff/Civil, PO Box 9000, Coeur d’Alene, ID  83816-9000.
  • Pre-addressed envelope(s) for each defendant required to be served.  We require two (2) first class stamps on pre-addressed envelope or equivalent metered postage.  At the time of service, if the owner/defendant is not at the business, they will be mailed a copy and a copy will be served to an employee.  Please leave the return address blank, as it needs to be returned to our office if undeliverable 

Eviction -$200.00  

Although not necessarily complex, the Eviction process can develop a lot of different confusing situations.  If you find yourself in such situations, please remember the KCSO Civil Division cannot provide legal advice. Your best course of action is to refer to the online Idaho Landlord and Tenants Guidelines brochure or contact an attorney.

Deputies serve the defendant(s), or adult occupant, and/or post the property and try to work with the defendant to encourage them to remove their belongings as soon as possible.



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