Hazard Mitigation Planning

What is the All Hazard Mitigation Plan?

The All Hazard Mitigation Plan (AHMP) serves as the strategy document for Kootenai County’s hazard mitigation program. This plan identifies the hazards affecting Kootenai County; analyzes risks and vulnerabilities, determines potential losses, and develops strategies to reduce impacts, with the ultimate goal of saving lives, reducing injuries, and decreasing financial losses. Mitigation measures range from public education and land use planning to specific construction actions that reduces hazard losses. The Kootenai County AHMP is revised every five years in compliance with appropriate laws and regulations.


Kootenai County, in conjunction with 33 partners, including representatives from the following, reviewed and updated the 2015 AHMP between August 2019 and December 2020:

  • Citizens of Kootenai County
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Districts
  • Highway Districts
  • Law Enforcement
  • Municipalities
  • Schools
  • Transportation Department
  • Health District 

 FEMA approved the 2020 plan pending adoptions by all partners December 17th, 2020.

Revision Improvements

The 2020 revision:

  • Guides decision makers in prioritizing assistance to local entities
  • Identifies potential funding resources
  • Provides strategic direction to mitigate hazards
  • Scientific information on natural hazards and human-caused threats
  • Provides a thorough risk assessment 

Hazard Mitigation Plan Updates & Reports

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