Attention Customers:

Effective March 18, 2020, the Sheriff’s Office will be limiting the number of individuals allowed in the lobby to three people at a time. In addition, fingerprint processing has been temporarily suspended (which includes citizens completing Concealed Carry Permits). If you need to file a police report, please call (208) 446-1300.

The lobby office is open to provide service to the public Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, the hours of operation for Fingerprinting and Concealed Weapons Permits are different and are noted in the Concealed Weapons Permit section.

The Records Division maintains all of the Sheriff’s Office public records by Idaho Public Records Law Standards, Idaho 9-337 through 9-350

Concealed Weapons Permit

View details of the Idaho Concealed Weapon laws, Section 18-3302 A-C


  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Permit Fees

The Records Department now accepts both cash and credit cards.
Permit Fee
Duplicate $5.00
Initial/Enhanced $53..25
Late Fee $10.00
Retired LE Permit $25.00
Retired LE Renewal $17.00


Applying for a Standard Permit

  • The Idaho Sheriff's Association offers an online handgun safety training course that satisfies the firearms familiarity requirements for a basic Idaho Concealed Weapons License.  Click on the following link to access the site.

Applying for an Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit (ECWP)

  • Enhanced Concealed Weapons applications are available at the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office.
  • You must provide a valid driver’s license, a signed copy of the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Training Form that has been completed and signed by a valid firearms instructor, and proof of firearms training.
  • Fees are paid in CASH at the time of application.

Renewing Your Concealed Weapons Permit

  • You must complete a concealed weapons application and present your CCW permit.
  • Make sure Driver's License has your current address.
  • You can renew any time during the 90 day period before the expiration date for a $30.00 fee payable in cash only. Renewals done more than 90 days after the expiration date are subject to a $10 late fee.