Send Inmate Mail


Soft covered books received directly from a non-retail distributor will be accepted.

Magazines and newspapers are allowed if sent from a publisher or book store.

Incoming Mail

  • Must list the first and last name (and address) of the sender and the intended receiver.
  • Improperly addressed mail will be returned.
  • Mail to an inmate should include:
    Inmate's full name
    C/O Kootenai County Jail
    P.O. Box 9000
    Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816-9000
  • All mail is inspected and scanned by jail staff.
  • Inmates may receive written letters and standard photographs.
  • Envelopes should not have any stickers or tape including address labels.

Items Not Allowed (Not Limited To)

  • Bubble wrap envelopes
  • Cash, money orders and checks
  • Clothing or toiletries
  • Colored pencils
  • Crayon markings
  • Gifts of any kind
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Music greeting cards
  • Perfumed, liquid stained paper or heavy ink of any kind
  • Personal Items
  • Polaroid photographs. Photographs cannot be larger than 4 by 6
  • Printed literature not sent directly by the publisher, torn copies from a book, puzzle books and other similar items
  • Stamps, envelopes and blank sheets of paper
  • Stickers
  • Tape

Mail Cannot Contain

Mail content must be thoroughly understandable by jail staff. Mail containing images or depictions of sexual situations, nudity, or sexual acts is prohibited. In addition, mail cannot contain:

  • Gang-related writings or drawings
  • Intimidation or harassment
  • Messages (codes) that are not easily understood
  • Plans that violate state, local, federal laws, or jail rules
  • Plans to send contraband (such as drugs) into or out of the jail

Unauthorized Material

At the discretion of jail staff, mail containing unauthorized references or material may be:

  • Confiscated
  • Destroyed
  • Placed in the inmate's property
  • Refused
  • Returned to the sender

Third Party

No mail may be sent through a third party. Inmates are not allowed to send or receive mail from another inmate in any jail/prison.